Friday, April 08, 2011

Daily Rant

Thinking of a daily rant...

Since I've been trying to get out of the "addictive" social media, there is no sharing of good stories and articles that I read. I think "sharing is caring".. :) 

Alternate medium of sharing is the personal blog. It comes in as a reference at some point too. Will give it a try under "Daily Rant"....

Check it out!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Traits of a collaborative leader

One more post before I call it a day.. or night.. J
 Got the link thru a tweet by Padmasree Warrior of Cisco Systems. This one is about the traits for a collaborative leader. 

Good read. All three are very important and I something that I feel strongly about. The first one about transparency and being authentic is of utmost importance to me. I cannot explain the frustration that I get, when people are not authentic, nor transparent. 

When they do not provide an authentic, transparent relationship in their leadership, the trust, which is the key, is lost. It is so difficult to earn back the trust that is lost. Trust and respect is next one up for me. Really, Truly believe in earning the trust and the respect of others. Without which, everything is lost.

Again, a lesson to learn!

Giving Honest Feedback

I cannot help but talk about an excellent post that I read just now. This is a post by Peter Bregman in HBR,
Read it, definitely worth it.

Quite often when you provide an honest feedback, which could be negative, you are looked upon as rude/aggressive or arrogant. I have seen people giving good feedback, and then talk back on the negative elements to others. “I just wanted to say something”, or “ I just said it, so that they will not feel bad”, or similar lines has been the response of one of my ex/current colleague, who gives positive feedback even when they have negative things to say. 

This is disastrous, when you are asked for opinion on training or a program or even an idea. Just to make the other person happy, people tend to say or give feedback which they don’t even believe. What they don’t understand is by trying to be nice, you are actually hurting their progress or success.

I believe in giving honest feedback. But when I do give it, I have been called or looked upon as rude or arrogant. Yes, I do need to be less tough, but at least what I am hoping is that an honest feedback is going to help anyone improve. I always ask for feedback, especially the negative ones. I truly believe only by having the courage to ask for your feedback, accepting the negatives and improving to convert the negatives to positives or just eliminate the negatives will help you progress a lot, in your life. 

The three ways that Peter recommends is definitely going to help me give the feedback in a better way, rather than on-your-face way which tends to hurt me more. 

Another lesson to learn, to apply, to share in the quest to be better in whatever we do!


This is a repost of my blog entry from July 2010, on an internal blog at work. Thought of posting this here, since I believe the story of Multipliers is worth sharing.....

I listened to a NPR story on the book "Multipliers". You can listen/read it at . Can very well relate to this and is eagerly looking forward to reading this book.

Often you come across diminishers at work place. A common mistake that these managers/leaders often make is to create "hero's out of firefighters and ignore the ones who consistently perform. This is often discouraging to the many within the teams. It is absolutely necessary to identify, encourage and grow the many than just a few. The HBR article by the authors is available at

You may think that you are a multiplier. But chances are you are a diminisher, an accidental one, at times. Take this quiz to find out if you are an accidental diminisher.

The website for the book is at If anyone has read this book already, would love to hear your thoughts.


(Originally published on July 25, 2010)

Multipliers Again..

It's been a long time, since I posted on this blog. I have started reading "Multipliers", a book which I heard about as early as June of last year! Very interesting read. As I go thru the pages, it gives me the realization of how one could be a diminisher without even knowing that you are one. We all think, we are good managers and leaders, or for that matter, good individuals. But what we don't know is how, we could be accidental diminishers.

As I listened to a senior leader talk to me, last week, on how he/she was trying to teach others everything that they know, and the multiple use of how "I" and why "I" did this or that… Really, I felt sorry for the person. Because they don't know how they are becoming an accidental diminisher. Again as I heard the same person go over and over on what "I" want, and what "I" suggest for others… I don't know, whether I feel sympathetic again.

Maybe, I should recommend the book "Multipliers" for them. I am sure, they too will realize how you can get the best from others by being a multiplier…. I can vouch for that, coz, I too am learning how me unknowingly becoming a diminisher can prevent getting out the best from others..

Learning to be a multiplier and extremely proud about it….


Friday, December 03, 2010

ITIL Foundation

Its been a long time since I actually learned something, especially something new. With about 3 weeks to end this year, I am hoping to do some learning prior to the end of the year. There is a lot going on these days. Work, family etc etc. Anyway, decided to try a hand with ITIL learning.

Let us see how it will go. Wish me good luck & happy learning!

Friday, December 04, 2009


Bringing this blog back to life..

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Learning Rails

I found Learning Rails website recently. LearningRails teaches Rails by podcast. Wow, that's great. I signed up and I completed Lesson 1 today. Enjoy!

Learn something new everyday

I need to spend at least an hour each day to read and learn about something new. I am spending too much time reading meaningless blogs :( Got to stop it and spend time more effectively.